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Amazon blocks Lendle e-book sharing service
Whether via public library or personal collection, e-books may be getting harder to borrow and loan out -- HarperCollins put the squeeze on government-funded rentals last week, and today Amazon has allegedly disabled e-book sharing startup Lendle with one fell stroke.

Welcome to the Second Hand Bookshop website. Rediscovering a childhood favourite or uncovering an as yet unread modern classic through the purchase of a second hand book can be a magical moment. With the advent of modern technology many people are sounding the death knell for the physical book.

But avid lovers of literature and occasional readers alike know the true pleasure of a real book, the tactile, almost sensual enjoyment of reading of actual pages. Here at the Second Hand Bookshop you can browse our vast catalogue and find a whole host of literary treasures waiting for you at a fraction of their original cost.

Take a look through and see what gems you can uncover. All our books are distributed by Amazon and as such you can shop with guaranteed peace of mind.

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